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SolidWorks 2012 - What's New

New features in SolidWorks 2012 are as follows:
  • Design Costing : Automated costing integrated with design. As you design your cost is ready for review & decisions.
  • Large Assembly: Large Design Review is the fastest way to open and interrogate a large assembly. Capabilities include walkthrough, sectioning, and measuring, as well as the ability to open any assembly component.
  • Sheet Metal: New tools and precision controls to craft complex designs  
  • Drawings: New automated tools to create more detailed drawings faster
  • Simulation: Motion Optimization automatically uses motion study results to create sensors and refine machine aspects such as motor size, bearing loads, and range of travel. Dynamically adjust any input and immediately see changes to constraints or goals.
  • Sustainable Design: Sustainability has a new, advanced user interface that allows you to more closely model processes, with parameters like recycled content and duration of use. You also have access to the latest Sustainability Extras materials as soon as they become available without waiting for service packs or new releases.

  • 3DVIA Composer effects: Create stunning visuals with new 3DVIA Composer effects. Enhanced Lifelike Experience enables you to add part-to-part shadows, ambient occlusion, and shadows to 2D panels with precise control for a more 3D appearance. A glow effect can also be added to highlight specific areas of interest.
  • Enterprise PDM: New features are tighter integration with Windows Explore, Enhance setting dialog to customize Toolbar & Menus. Preview any document, customize bill of material table & track where used information. Integration of Enterprise PDM search with windows explore
  • Feature Freeze: Feature Freeze lets you control whether specific features will rebuild or not. Additional features can be added without having to rebuild earlier ones; at any point, features can be unfrozen.
  • Equation Editor: The Equation Editor has been completely revamped for easier navigation and use. Syntax highlighting is especially useful for trouble-shooting equations. Multiple views include Variable and Equation View, Dimension View, and Solve Order View.
  • Command Search: Command Search allows you to quickly find commands that are either hard to access, or not on the standard toolbars. Launch commands, drag and drop commands, or just highlight command locations in pull-down menus or toolbars directly from the search results.

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