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SolidWorks Online Training

The SolidWorks 2012 Update from 2011 course is intended to help users learn what's new in SolidWorks 2012. This course explores changes and enhancements to the user interface, assemblies, drawings, features, sheet metal, sustainability, simulation, and introduces the SolidWorks Costing tool. Upon completion of this course, you'll be well versed in the new features available in SolidWorks 2012.
Detail course contents & cost involved.

AutoCAD VBA Programming Tutorial - Create First Program

AutoCAD VBA Programming Tutorial. This tutorial shows step by step how to create a program in AutoCAD VBA. In this a program is created to draw rectangle by accepting width & length as input from user. This is a good starting point for those who want to learn AutoCAD VBA.

AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 5

In this AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 5, Loop concept is covered. While loop and repeat loop is discussed in detail.

Download pdf file for this lecture and solve the exercises given below to test your knowledge gain. Download AutoLISP Code Files used in this tutorial.

AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 4

In this AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 4, If concept explained. AutoLISP Functions covered in this tutorial are getkword, initget, if, =, princ, max, min, and, or. Topics covered in this tutorial are:
- If concept - If with true & false statements - Equality & conditional functions - progn function - How to solve "error : too many arguments" - Download pdf file for this lecture & solve the exercises given below to test your knowledge gain from this tutorial.   - Download AutoLISP Files used in this tutorial.

AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 3

In this AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 3, creation of a AutoLISP program to draw rectangle is shown. AutoLISP functions covered in this video are setq, getint, getpoint & polar.

Rectangle width & height is obtained using getint function. Rectangle lower left corner is obtained using getpoint function. Remaining three points required for creation of rectangle is obtained using polar function. Rectangle is created using Command function with Line Command. Program is saved, loaded & working is shown in AutoCAD. Download pdf file for this lecture & solve the exercises given in it to test you knowledge gained from this video. Download Rect.LSP program file.

AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 2

This AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 2 is a continuation of AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials -1. In this AutoLISP Tutorial following topics are covered:
- Editors used to create the program & structure of program
- The first AutoLISP program to make sum of two numbers is created.
- Loading of program.
- User Input Functions such as getint & getreal.
- Display control function princ.
- Saving AutoLISP file.
- Loading the created program.
- Using newly create sum command.
- Comments concept.
- Download the pdf file shown in this video . This pdf file also contents the exercises that you can perform after completion of following tutorial.

CATIA V6R2012: Online Training

The CATIA V6 Training covers some of the important features of this 3D collaborative solution linking designers and non-CAD specialists. Using our vast knowledge and industry experiences, our authors will take users through the many different topics, including our most popular series of lessons in the essentials course topics, and also specialized topics such as advanced part design and many more to be released. Not only do users complete in-depth lessons, but they are presented projects and exercises to practice what they have learned (downloadable exercise files are included.).

CATIA V6 R2012 Online Training: Detail course contents & cost involved.

Autodesk Inventor Fusion Tutorial Pdf Download

This Autodesk Inventor Fusion: Getting Started pdf contents following topics:
Working with Inventor Fusion User InterfaceCreate 3D ModelsCreate a Single Body, Create Multiple BodiesModify a Body (Press/Pull, Move & Draft Command)Sketch Commands (Starting a Sketch, The Sketch Plane, The Sketch Grid, Line/Arc Segment Creation, Spline Creation, Circle Creation, Circular Arc Creation, Rectangle Creation, Ellipse Creation, Polygon Creation, Project Geometry, Trim/Extend, Sketch Fillet, Sketch Inferencing, Sketch Constraints, Stopping a Sketch, Sketch Profiles, Editing a Sketch Entity, Locking Sketch Geometry) Features (Pattern, Find Features)Dimensions and Body Constraints Error HandlingWork Geometry Working with Multiple Components (Creating Components, Position and Constrain Components)Dimensions as Annotations User Tags Import & Export Data Inventor Data Materials and Model Appearance (Physical Materials, Appearance)Edge Visibility Effects Download Autodesk Inventor Fusion Tutori…

New YouTUBE Channel to Learn AutoCAD & AutoLISP

Now a days I am busy setting up new YouTUBE Channel to learn AutoCAD & AutoLISP. In this channel I will be uploading the AutoCAD & AutoLISP Tutorial videos. These videos will be based on the lectures that I take in my training institute for AutoCAD & AutoLISP courses.
I already have a exiting YouTUBE Channel but that was created with different intentions. This existing  channel contents the CAD Customization Projects Sample videos. 
Uploading large size video was getting tougher therefor each lecture has been divided in to parts. Until now first AutoCAD Lecture & two parts of first AutoLISP Lecture has been uploaded. Videos for first three AutoCAD Lectures & five AutoLISP Lectures is ready but because of number of issues only one video can be uploaded every day.
Hope, you all will find this helpful in Learning AutoCAD & AutoLISP.

Autodesk Inventor Fusion 2012: Modeling Tutorial

Following Autodesk Inventor Fusion 2012 video tutorial shows how to model a simple chair. Start with right click & every possible command is available there. Right click & select new sketch. Select the desired plane for sketch. Right click and select the desired draw command either line, circle or rectangle as required by you. Once sketch is ready. Again right click and select press pull command to convert drawn sketch to 3D object. Select the desired highlighted area & give the required height. On the same lines you can create the complete chair model. This has been shown in following video.

Autodesk Inventor Fusion 2012: User Interface

Following video shows the Inventor Fusion 2012 Basic Application User Interface & explains the overall user interface elements such as application button, quick access toolbar, Surface Ribbon, Solid ribbon, view tab provides common viewing tools & options, view cube for faster access to common views, navigation tools, snap increments & units control

Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology Demo: Preview Video

Following video shows the Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology Preview Demo. Some of the features of this technology are Heads up design, Capture ideas fast, Rapid design changes. Inventor Fusion technology showcases intuitive direct manipulation capabilities for unrivaled ease of use, provides direct modeling for rapid design changes without limitations, and unites direct and parametric workflows within a single digital model. These features are shown in following video:

NX 7.5: Online Training

Detail course contents & cost involved. Course OverviewSiemens PLM has released the newest version of its CAD, CAM and CAE solution, NX 7.5. New tools and enhancements help you produce accurate and complete models, sketches, drawings, synchronous modeling and assemblies, So, what's new? Check out our NX 7.5 Update course to find out. We explain the latest advancements, making it easier for you to get your job done. Learning how to make the most of the newest features with NX 7.5 training created by our subject matter experts.

Detail course contents & cost involved.  -->

NX 7 : HD3D

With NX 7.0, Siemens PLM Software introduces HD3D, an open and intuitive visual environment to help global product development teams unlock the value of PLM information and significantly enhance their ability to make efficient and effective product decisions.

AutoCAD 2011: Point Cloud Support

This AutoCAD 2011 video describes the ability to attach point cloud files as underlays to AutoCAD drawings.

AutoCAD 2011: Surface Analysis

This AutoCAD 2011 video describes the surface analysis tools including zebra, curvature, and draft analysis.

AutoCAD 2011: Parametric Constraints

This AutoCAD 2011 video describes the new functionality for geometric and dimensional parametric constraints including inferred constraints.

AutoCAD Mechanical 2012: What's New

New features in AutoCAD Mechanical 2012 are new getting started videos has been added to get you started very easily, improvements has been made in Geometric Tolerances Datum feature, Welding Symbols & BOM Extraction process.

This has been explained in detail in the following video:

Autodesk Inventor 2012: Online Training

Detail course contents & Cost can be found at following link:

Autodesk Inventor 2012: Online Training

Course Topic OverviewThis online training course is designed to teach the essentials of using Autodesk Inventor. Each unit topic will provide you with comprehensive lessons, detailed procedures and lots of projects to apply your knowledge. Some of the topics covered in this course are: navigating the user interface; using basic sketching techniques; using basic and detailed shape design techniques; an assembly design overview; place, create and constrain components; interact with an assembly; basics of view creation; dimensions, annotations and tables; annotating assembly drawings and drawing standards and resources. Intended AudienceThis course is intended for users who want to learn the essential tools and techniques of using Autodesk Inventor.

Detail course contents & Cost can be found at following link:

Autodesk Inventor 2012: Online Training

Autodesk Inventor 2012: What's New

New features in Autodesk Inventor 2012 & Autodesk Inventor Professional 2012 are as follows: 3D Modeling Ease of Use: Autodesk Inventor 2012 ease-of-use enhancements include: Inventor Fusion, Marking menu, Upgraded direct manipulation & Improved design feature creation. Reuse CAD Design Data: Import and translation improvements, Open 3D DWG, Model repair environment, Inventor Fusion. Design Sharing: Autodesk Inventor 2012 improves design communication and collaboration with stakeholders and customers using the same digital prototype used to design and validate their designs with: Expanded export file formats, Visualization enhancements, Improved BIM interoperability & iLogic design copy. Sustainable Design: The Eco Materials Adviser in Autodesk Inventor 2012 enables mechanical designers to optimize material selection based on environmental impact, cost, and performance. Autodesk Inventor Professional 2012: Enhancements in Simulation & Tooling

Autodesk Inventor 2012: Sustainable Design

The Eco Materials Adviser in Autodesk Inventor 2012 enables mechanical designers to optimize material selection based on environmental impact, cost, and performance. Jointly developed with Granta Design Ltd., the Eco Materials Adviser gives Inventor users access to environmental information on materials as well as analysis and reporting tools to make better sustainable design decisions, within your existing mechanical CAD process.

Autodesk Inventor 2012: Professional Version Enhancements

Autodesk Inventor Professional software offers all the core features of Autodesk Inventor 2012, plus extended tooling, routed systems, and simulation tools to design, visualize, and simulate complete 3D digital prototypes.
Simulation Enhancements: Inventor Professional 2012 introduces several tools that increase the success of mesh creation and adds ease-of-use improvements to the simulation environment. Thin wall meshing for sheet metal and plastic parts. Improved beam analysis. Easily adjust joints in dynamic simulation Tooling Enhancements: Inventor Professional 2012, now allows you to add custom mold components to your libraries. Mold-specific feature and geometry enhancements. User-defined mold bases and mold components. Improved integration with Autodesk Moldflow plastics injection molding simulation software

Autodesk Inventor 2012: Design Sharing

Autodesk Inventor 2012 improves design communication and collaboration with stakeholders and customers using the same digital prototype used to design and validate their designs with: Expanded export file formats - CATIA export: R10 - R20; Parasolid export: versions 9.0 - 23.0. Visualization enhancements - Leverages real-time raytracing to create more realistic renderings within the Inventor modeling environment. Improved BIM interoperability - Improves communication between Inventor and Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD Architecture software. iLogic design copy - Add design and configuration rules to models to protect intellectual property.

Autodesk Inventor 2012: Reuse CAD Design Data

Autodesk Inventor 2012 continues to expand its ability to use data from other CAD sources and provide integration of 2D and 3D data: Import and translation improvements - Inventor 2012 includes support for new versions of Rhino, CATIA, Parasolid, and NX. Open 3D DWG - Import AutoCAD surfaces and wires. Materials applied in the AutoCAD file persist in the Inventor file after translation. Model repair environment - Provides both automated and interactive repair tools that identify areas in non-Inventor design data that might cause difficulty in downstream usage.Inventor Fusion - Easily modify geometry no matter the source, including precise positioning of new points on an edge.

Autodesk Inventor 2012: 3D Modeling Ease of Use

Autodesk Inventor 2012 ease-of-use enhancements include: Inventor Fusion - Use simple-to-learn tools to explore new shapes, forms, and modify anything in the 3D CAD model from virtually any source. Marking menu - Reduce mouse travel and streamline model creation by keeping access to the most common modeling commands and options at your cursor. Upgraded direct manipulation - Get more control over geometry creation without sacrificing productivity Improved design feature creation - Get improved design speed and improved control over shape characteristics, including G2 patch, G2 variable radius fillet, boss, and ribs.

CATIA V5 Basic Tutorial pdf Free Download

I came across this site offering free CATIA Tutorials pdf for free download. Links to these pdf CATIA tutorials is given below:
Getting Started with CATIA V5:
This pdf file contents introduction to CATIA User Interface, Using the Mouse Function, Panning & Zooming Objects, Moving the Tree, Adjusting and Expanding the Tree, CATIA Documents, SKETCHER Workbench, Accessing the Workbench, Sketcher Workbench overview, Sketcher Tools.
CATIA V5 - Part Design:
This pdf file contents adding a new Part body, Rename the new Part Body, Creating a Shaft feature, Tap, Circular Pattern, Union Trim, Edge Fillet feature, Pad feature, Hole feature. Thread / Tap Analysis.
CATIA V5 - Assembly Design:
This pdf file contents adding a part into an assembly, Using Hide/Show mode, Moving part in assembly,  Adding constraints (Coincidence Constraint, Contact Constraint, Angle Constraint), Hiding constraints and planes, Modification of part, Assembly level associativity, Part Design in the assembly view (Creati…

Nx 7: What's New

NX 7: CAE Multi-physics

This video demonstrates the multi-physics simulation capabilities in NX 7. This tool replaces Multiple analysis system with single environment which rapidly map up results from one analysis to another.
Durability & motion analysis with flexible bodies, enhanced solution for structural, thermal & flow analysis. Integrated environment for multi body dynamic simulation. This evaluates the motion behavior of your system. Electro-mechanical product behavior. Evaluates sharp impact, sudden changes in motion, effect of component flexibility on mechanism performance & durability.

NX 7: Integrated Analysis/Test Correlation

This video demonstrates new analysis/test correlation capabilities in NX 7. This tool help you match finite element analysis results with test data. This is a integrated system for model analysis, pre-test planning, test analysis correlation & automatic model updation.

NX 7: DraftingPlus

This video demonstrates new drafting and 2D design capabilities in NX 7.

NX 7: Integrated Design and CAE

Topics covered in this video are Model preparation for CAE, Material Composites, Assembly FEM & Simulation Process automation. Creation of thin wall structure solid geometry for CAE. Meshing model creation. Modeling bolts.

NX 7: CMM Inspection Programming

This video demonstrates the new coordinate measuring machine inspection programming capabilities in NX 7. You can automatically create CMM Inspection machine program from your CAD models where in all the

NX 7: Turbomachinery Milling NC Programming

This video shows the demonstration of programming Blisk & impeller mostly used in Aero Engines, Turbo machinery & Power generation turbines. New roughing technology for rapid material removal from blades. Preview function enables you to check the path immediately. Fully automated rest milling. Specific functions for machining blades are also available. You can select which side of the blade to cut, set toolpath pattern & tool angle for tool edges. How to create collusion free 5-axis tool path to machine blades with under cuts automatically. Toolpath for finishing hub. Toolpath smoothing function optimizes the flow of tool around key elements of complex geometry. Smoother toolpath results in better surface finish & improve machining performance. The G-Code driven simulation allows you to check the complete machining process. Nx analyzes toolpath for tool load and adjust the feed rate.
This has been shown in detail in following video

NX 7: Freeform Modeling - Synchronous Technology

In this video Nx 7 Freeform Modeling - Synchronous Technology tools are used to convert a simple rectangular 3D block in to a product. How the simple features such as Sketches, Extrude & Blend are to be morph into more complex organic shapes. Freeform features also recognizes geometric conditions such as symmetry & offset. Blends can be quickly defined & modeled. Tools used are Press-Pull, Define Parametric Curves, Freeform editing.
This can be seen in more detail in following video:

How good is myigetit CATIA / SolidWorks / Nx Training?

Some of the obvious questions that may arise in any one's mind during review are:
1. Is it worth investing in's training courses? 2. How good is myigetit CATIA / SolidWorks Training?
Normally we consider two factors in any decision process, Cost & the Quality. As far as cost is concern it is very easy to compare it with other available options & can be concluded quickly. In fact there is no doubt about the cost, is the lowest among the available options.
Then the question remains that of quality. As far as quality is concerned, we will have to find some trustworthy sources. In this post I have tried to collect some of the available third party references that may be useful. These sources are as follows:
Recommendations for SolidWorks Training:
Jeff's Tool Shed
Shapeways Blog
SolidWorks Yahoo! Group
Boxer's SolidWorks Blog
SolidWorks 3D CAD products Forum at Eng-Tips
Documentation & Training SolidWorks Forum
SolidWorks API F…

CATIA V6R2012 - What's New

Electrical Engineering & Wire Harness Design: Complex Connectors Flattening: Full support of complex connector assemblies in the flattening process of electrical wire harnesses. Electronics & Printed Circuit Board Design (PCB): Collaborative ECAD MCAD Integration: With CATIA V6R2012, ECAD and MCAD designers can now better focus and concentrate on their PCB design. The collaboration workflow being optimized to reduce manual tasks and potential errors in the process. Equipment & Systems Design - CATIA Piping & Tubing: Fluidic Preparation for Manufacturing: CATIA V6R2012 improves the detailed piping and tubing design and optimizes design preparation for manufacturing. Mechanical Engineering & Design: Engraved 3D Texts: Make your words visible with an engraved or embossed packaging of your product, Plastic Part Process: Design plastic products and molds with productivity gains, CATIA Live Compose: CATIA Live Compose makes it possible to build innovative proposals quickly…

CATIA V6R2012 - Automotive Concept to Class A

CATIA Icem for Class A Surfacing - Automotive Concept to Class A

Surface Refinement

CATIA V6 surfacing offer is fully mature and integrates industry leading ICEM technologies. By combining freeform explicit modeling from ICEM with associative feature-based modeling, CATIA V6 delivers a set of tools to model, analyze, and visualize aesthetic and ergonomic shapes from the most basic to Class-A surfaces.

CATIA V6R2012 - CATIA Live Compose

Mechanical Engineering & Design - CATIA Live Compose

Your 3D concept is at the heart of your design. Select relevant items in your database and start an interactive "test and try" session, either alone or by collaborating with your project partners. Positioning relationships are proposed on-the-fly using visual highlights as you approach parts or sub-assemblies. CATIA Live Compose makes it possible to build innovative proposals quickly in a 3D brainstorming spirit.

CATIA V6R2012 - Systems Engineering - Openness for Integrated Product Simulation

Openness for Integrated Product Simulation

Tighten systems engineer's collaboration for integrated product simulation. CATIA Systems V6 users and systems engineers using external applications such as Simulink benefit from four dedicated export options. These options ensure the simulation of both the controlled (plant) and controller models to fully validate the closed loop systems behavior. At the same time, the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard is a key enabler for easy and secure exchanges of legacy data from other contexts, including non-Modelica tools, for an overall simulation within the CATIA DBM environment or in support of the supply chain schema, without exposing the intellectual property (IP) of the model.

CATIA V6R2012 - Shape Surfacing - Mechanical Surfaces

Improved Performances with Multiprocessing

Improved performance and productivity for mechanical surfaces design with multi-processing. CATIA V6R2012 brings important productivity gains to multiple CATIA core applications by providing multi-processing support for its core boolean operations. Most of the CATIA applications take advantage of this new performance, including the mechanical surfaces design with shape morphing operation.

CATIA V6R2012 - CATIA Live Rendering

Shape Surfacing - Industrial Design - CATIA Live Rendering - HDRI Content

CATIA Live Rendering delivers more content for interactive ray tracing. CATIA Live Rendering for interactive ray tracing visualization is based on image based lighting with High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI). With this release, CATIA Live rendering brings new feature enhancements as well as a new library of HDRI content. These enhancements add out-of-the-box, ready-to-use environments to create realistic, in-context rendering. Users can also import their own HDRI to recreate accurately any real scene.

CATIA V6R2012 - Shape Surfacing - Industrial Design

Developed Shapes & Artwork on 3D

CATIA Industrial Design Refinement product includes techniques for design pattern and artwork on 3D. CATIA Developed Shapes tools allow users to quickly and easily unfold any type of free form surfaces and to develop curves on a revolution surface. Creative designers, both non-surface specialists and advanced-shape designers, can define an associative flattened pattern from their 3D models for manufacturing from flat sheets of raw materials.

CATIA V6R2012 - Plastic Part Process

Mechanical Engineering & Design - Plastic Part Process

Design plastic products and molds with significant productivity gains. The plastic part process from design to manufacturing benefits from enhancements in performance and capacity. Embrace a wider scope of complex plastic parts and increase your design efficiency with modeling performances. In addition, in this dedicated and integrated process, you can choose among an extended library of mold base suppliers, natively incorporating positioning information for standard components.

CATIA V6R2012 - Mechanical Engineering & Design

Engraved 3D Texts

Make your words visible with an engraved or embossed packaging of your product. During detailed design, 3D text can be used to define accurately any kind of text that will be embossed or engraved in your product. Customize your text using creative fonts, original alignments and orientations, or circular shapes. This release eliminates the need for text outlines to be imported, resulting in time savings.

CATIA V6R2012 - Equipment & Systems Design

CATIA Piping & Tubing - Fluidic Preparation for Manufacturing

CATIA V6R2012 improves the detailed piping and tubing design and optimizes design preparation for manufacturing. CATIA Piping & Tubing Design reaches a new level of performance for layout refinement and network resizing. It also offers new capabilities with assisted spool creation and insulation management to address growing design complexity.
This has been shown in following video:

CATIA V6R2012 - Electronics & Printed Circuit Board Design (PCB)

Collaborative ECAD MCAD Integration

With CATIA V6R2012, ECAD and MCAD designers can now better focus and concentrate on their PCB design, the collaboration workflow being optimized to reduce manual tasks and potential errors in the process. Standard exchange files (IDF format) can now be saved directly within the Version 6 platform, ensuring full synchronicity at all times, as well as efficient traceability of design changes.
This has been shown in following video:

CATIA V6R2012 - Electrical Engineering & Wire Harness Design

Complex Connectors Flattening

Full support of complex connector assemblies in the flattening process of electrical wire harnesses. The entire wire harness flattening and form board process including drawing generation now handles complex connector assemblies. This enhancement facilitates and accelerates the process for harness manufacturers because they will now be able to see the representation of complex device assemblies in the drawing while preparing the harness for the installation step.
This has been show in following video:

SolidWorks 2012 - Simulation and Motion Optimization

SolidWorks Simulation integrates a virtual test environment with your design process. You can answer the most complex "what if" questions to explore new ideas, reduce design risk, and make better design decisions. You can improve product quality, reduce costs, and finish your products faster. 2012 highlights include the ability to investigate motion characteristics, such as actuator force, joint loads, and part displacements to help source the best components for your design.
This has been shown in detail below:

SolidWorks 2012 - Enterprise PDM

You can improve the way your product development teams collaborate on designs with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM. Securely store and index your design files for fast retrieval, automatically track changes to eliminate concerns about version control and data loss, and easily share and collaborate on designs. New features are tighter integration with Windows Explore, Enhance setting dialog to customize Toolbar & Menus. Preview any document, customize bill of material table & track where used information. Integration of Enterprise PDM search with windows explore
In the following video new features has been shown in more detail:

SolidWorks 2012 - 3DVIA Composer

3DVIA Composer software create technical communications and product documentation. New visual effects showcase product features in print, animation, and online, and new web templates create interactive web pages.
In the following video this has been explain:

SolidWorks 2012 - Sustainable Design

SolidWorks Sustainability toolset uses established Life Cycle Assessment to measure environmental impacts. You can view the environmental effect of material changes immediately. You can also define the percentage of recyclable material required. Detail reports are created automatically.

In the following video you can view the more features of SolidWorks Sustainability in operation:

SolidWorks 2012 - Drawings

New features in SolidWorks 2012 for Drawings are : Improvements in drawing revision process - Changed dimensions are highlighted with different color & previous values are also shown to help in revision process. New Context sensitive menu for faster work. Exploded views are automatically populated in View pallet so you have to just drag & drop. New Sequential balloon order feature. Automatically created magnetic lines hold balloon perfectly with each other at the time of position edit. Adding center mark to hole got faster.
In the following video you can view these new features in detail

SolidWorks 2012 - Sheet Metal

New features in SolidWorks 2012 for sheet metal are : Creation of Swept sheet metal part, New options for Edge flanges such as extrude upto vertex end condition, New options for flange position & flange length. New control for different tangency conditions, Improvements in Form & Punch tool. All these new features can be easily flattened for manufacturing.

In the following video you can view these features in operation:

SolidWorks 2012 - Large Design Review

The new Large Design Review with SolidWorks® Premium 2012 lets you open massive assemblies in seconds without the need for a high-end workstation. The view is fully interactive, just like working on a smaller assembly. You can explore, analyze, and then directly open the design to make changes.
This has been explain & shown in following video:

SolidWorks 2012 - Design Costing

The new integrated costing tool with SolidWorks 2012 lets you quickly estimate costs for sheetmetal and machined components using built-in templates or customized data. You can calculate manufacturing costs throughout design to stay on budget.

This has been shown & explain in detail in following video:

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial - Part 1 (Chapter 3 & 4)

Part 1 - Basics of Part Modeling

Chapter 3 - Creating an Extrusion & Advanced Navigation

Topics covered are : Creating an Extrusion [Direction 1, Direction 2, Symmetric, Asymmetric, Taper Angle], Slice Graphics, Advanced Navigation [Using Mouse, Using View Cube, Using Free Orbit]

Chapter 4 - Creating a Revolution & Completing your First Part

Topics & commands covered in this tutorial are : Project Geometry, Three Point Rectangle, Home View, Creating a profile for revolution & using it to create revolve feature. Circle & symmetric extrusion.

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial - Part 1 (Chapter 1 & 2)

Part 1 - Basics of Part Modeling

Chapter 1 - Part Modeling Fundamentals

Topics covered are :  Units of measurement, Autodesk Inventor different file types, Using template files, Starting part file, Changing application options > Sketch settings, Introduction to Sketching Environment, Default work plane & origin, How to create rectangle, What is Dynamic Input & how to edit dimensions.

Chapter 2 - Basic Navigation and Sketch Tips

Topics covered are : How to Zoom & Pan, How to create Line & Arc, How to apply dimenions, How to Finish Sketch.

AutoCAD Tutorial - 3D Modeling

AutoCAD Tutorial - 3D Modeling contents following topics:

Convert 2D Objects to 3D — AutoCAD 2012

View a demonstration about creating 3D objects from 2D drawings.

Create and Modify Meshes — AutoCAD 2012

Learn how to create and modify mesh objects.

Create and Modify Surfaces — AutoCAD 2012

Learn how to create and modify smooth surfaces.

AutoCAD Tutorials For Beginners

AutoCAD Tutorials for beginners contents following topics:

Tour the User Interface - AutoCAD 2012

View a demonstration of the basic tools in the AutoCAD 2012 user interface.

Create and Modify Objects - AutoCAD 2012

Learn how you can easily create and edit 2D objects.

Create Text and Dimensions — AutoCAD 2012

Learn how to annotate drawings with text and dimensions.

Create and Plot a Drawing Layout — AutoCAD 2012

View a demonstration about creating a layout, scaling views, and plotting a drawing.

SolidWorks Advanced Modeling & Rendering Tutorials

In this SolidWorks Advanced Modeling & Rendering Tutorials following topics are covered:

Modeling a Butterfly in SolidWorks :

Download Butterfly Model and use the rollback bar to review each step. Download Video

Rendering a Butterfly with SolidWorks PhotoView 360 :

Video takes you through SolidWorks materials, textures, color and uses PhotoView 360 to create a scene with lighting and shadows.Download Butterfly Model

Model Orange Juice Glass :

This is a two part video. There is no audio. Download the model to follow the steps. Download Orange Juice Glass (Part 1) Video. Download Orange Juice Glass (Part 2) Video.

SolidWorks Basic Tutorials

In these SolidWorks Basic Online Tutorials following topics are covered:

Introduction to SolidWorks Tutorial :

What is SolidWorks? How to start SolidWorks? How to use SolidWorks? Video also shows how to use the Tutorials and gives an overview of next tutorial.

Part Modeling :

How to create a part in SolidWorks? How to sketch, dimension and apply relations. Create an extrude boss/base, extrude cut, fillet and shell features. Also learn how to modify your part.

Creating Assembly :

Create one more part that uses and extrude base, extrude cut, fillet and shell feature. The offset sketch tool shows how to utilize existing geometry. This new part and the part created in above tutorial are combined to create the assembly. This shows how to insert components, use Mate and modify display states.

Drawings Creation :

Creates a SolidWorks drawing. It covers using SolidWorks Drawing Template, modify Document Properties, set drawing standard. Insert views and dimensions. Insert assembly and a Bill of…

AutoCAD 2012: Autodesk Seek

Autodesk Seek is now integrated with AutoCAD 2012's Content Explorer. Because of this you can search for ready made 3D models & 2D drawing online and use them in your drawing. You can search the model based on names of parts to be imported.

In the following video this process has been shown in detail. As a example a bench model is searched and inserted in the drawing.

AutoCAD Tutorial : Model Documentation - Creating Views

We already know how to import 3D model to AutoCAD. Now the next step is to create 2d & isometric views. This process of creating views has been detailed out in this tutorial.

First move to Layout tab. Click on Annotative Ribbon. Click on Drawing Views Panel. First base view needs to be created. Click on base view & create base view. Projection mode will be activated automatically. Click on the sides where you want to create projected views and press enter to come out. If required, more projected views can be added using Projected View button. If you want to edit setting of individual view just double click on desired view. You can change parameters such as scale, visual style.

You can view this Tutorial in following video.

SolidWorks 2012 - What's New

New features in SolidWorks 2012 are as follows: Design Costing : Automated costing integrated with design. As you design your cost is ready for review & decisions.Large Assembly: Large Design Review is the fastest way to open and interrogate a large assembly. Capabilities include walkthrough, sectioning, and measuring, as well as the ability to open any assembly component.Sheet Metal: New tools and precision controls to craft complex designs  Drawings:New automated tools to create more detailed drawings faster Simulation: Motion Optimization automatically uses motion study results to create sensors and refine machine aspects such as motor size, bearing loads, and range of travel. Dynamically adjust any input and immediately see changes to constraints or goals.Sustainable Design: Sustainability has a new, advanced user interface that allows you to more closely model processes, with parameters like recycled content and duration of use. You also have access to the latest Sustainabilit…