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AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 5

In this AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 5, Loop concept is covered. While loop and repeat loop is discussed in detail. Download pdf file for this lecture and solve the exercises given below to test your knowledge gain. Download AutoLISP Code Files used in this tutorial.

AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 4

In this AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 4, If concept explained. AutoLISP Functions covered in this tutorial are getkword, initget, if, =, princ, max, min, and, or. Topics covered in this tutorial are: - If concept - If with true & false statements - Equality & conditional functions - progn function - How to solve "error : too many arguments" - Download pdf file for this lecture & solve the exercises given below to test your knowledge gain from this tutorial.   - Download AutoLISP Files used in this tutorial.

AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 3

In this AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 3, creation of a AutoLISP program to draw rectangle is shown. AutoLISP functions covered in this video are setq, getint, getpoint & polar. Rectangle width & height is obtained using getint function. Rectangle lower left corner is obtained using getpoint function. Remaining three points required for creation of rectangle is obtained using polar function. Rectangle is created using Command function with Line Command. Program is saved, loaded & working is shown in AutoCAD. Download pdf file for this lecture & solve the exercises given in it to test you knowledge gained from this video. Download Rect.LSP program file.

AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 2

This AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials - 2 is a continuation of AutoLISP Programming Video Tutorials -1 . In this AutoLISP Tutorial following topics are covered: - Editors used to create the program & structure of program - The first AutoLISP program to make sum of two numbers is created. - Loading of program. - User Input Functions such as getint & getreal. - Display control function princ. - Saving AutoLISP file. - Loading the created program. - Using newly create sum command. - Comments concept. - Download the pdf file shown in this video . This pdf file also contents the exercises that you can perform after completion of following tutorial.

CATIA V6R2012: Online Training

The CATIA V6 Training covers some of the important features of this 3D collaborative solution linking designers and non-CAD specialists. Using our vast knowledge and industry experiences, our authors will take users through the many different topics, including our most popular series of lessons in the essentials course topics, and also specialized topics such as advanced part design and many more to be released. Not only do users complete in-depth lessons, but they are presented projects and exercises to practice what they have learned (downloadable exercise files are included.). CATIA V6 R2012 Online Training: Detail course contents & cost involved . -->

Autodesk Inventor Fusion Tutorial Pdf Download

This Autodesk Inventor Fusion: Getting Started pdf contents following topics: Working with Inventor Fusion User Interface Create 3D Models Create a Single Body, Create Multiple Bodies Modify a Body (Press/Pull, Move & Draft Command) Sketch Commands (Starting a Sketch, The Sketch Plane, The Sketch Grid, Line/Arc Segment Creation, Spline Creation, Circle Creation, Circular Arc Creation, Rectangle Creation, Ellipse Creation, Polygon Creation, Project Geometry, Trim/Extend, Sketch Fillet, Sketch Inferencing, Sketch Constraints, Stopping a Sketch, Sketch Profiles, Editing a Sketch Entity, Locking Sketch Geometry) Features (Pattern, Find Features) Dimensions and Body Constraints Error Handling Work Geometry      Working with Multiple Components (Creating Components, Position and Constrain Components) Dimensions as Annotations User Tags Import & Export Data Inventor Data Materials and Model Appearance (Physical Materials, Appearance) Edge Visibility Effects  Downlo

New YouTUBE Channel to Learn AutoCAD & AutoLISP

Now a days I am busy setting up new YouTUBE Channel to learn AutoCAD & AutoLISP . In this channel I will be uploading the AutoCAD & AutoLISP Tutorial videos. These videos will be based on the lectures that I take in my training institute for AutoCAD & AutoLISP courses. I already have a exiting YouTUBE Channel but that was created with different intentions. This existing  channel contents the CAD Customization Projects Sample videos.  Uploading large size video was getting tougher therefor each lecture has been divided in to parts. Until now first AutoCAD Lecture & two parts of first AutoLISP Lecture has been uploaded. Videos for first three AutoCAD Lectures & five AutoLISP Lectures is ready but because of number of issues only one video can be uploaded every day. Hope, you all will find this helpful in Learning AutoCAD & AutoLISP.

Autodesk Inventor Fusion 2012: Modeling Tutorial

Following Autodesk Inventor Fusion 2012 video tutorial shows how to model a simple chair. Start with right click & every possible command is available there. Right click & select new sketch. Select the desired plane for sketch. Right click and select the desired draw command either line, circle or rectangle as required by you. Once sketch is ready. Again right click and select press pull command to convert drawn sketch to 3D object. Select the desired highlighted area & give the required height. On the same lines you can create the complete chair model. This has been shown in following video.

Autodesk Inventor Fusion 2012: User Interface

Following video shows the Inventor Fusion 2012 Basic Application User Interface & explains the overall user interface elements such as application button, quick access toolbar, Surface Ribbon, Solid ribbon, view tab provides common viewing tools & options, view cube for faster access to common views, navigation tools, snap increments & units control

Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology Demo: Preview Video

Following video shows the Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology Preview Demo. Some of the features of this technology are Heads up design, Capture ideas fast, Rapid design changes. Inventor Fusion technology showcases intuitive direct manipulation capabilities for unrivaled ease of use, provides direct modeling for rapid design changes without limitations, and unites direct and parametric workflows within a single digital model. These features are shown in following video:

NX 7.5: Online Training

Detail course contents & cost involved.    Course Overview   Siemens PLM has released the newest version of its CAD, CAM and CAE solution, NX 7.5. New tools and enhancements help you produce accurate and complete models, sketches, drawings, synchronous modeling and assemblies, So, what's new? Check out our NX 7.5 Update course to find out. We explain the latest advancements, making it easier for you to get your job done. Learning how to make the most of the newest features with NX 7.5 training created by our subject matter experts. Detail course contents & cost involved.  -->