SolidWorks Basic Tutorials

In these SolidWorks Basic Online Tutorials following topics are covered:

Introduction to SolidWorks Tutorial :

What is SolidWorks? How to start SolidWorks? How to use SolidWorks? Video also shows how to use the Tutorials and gives an overview of next tutorial.

Part Modeling :

How to create a part in SolidWorks? How to sketch, dimension and apply relations. Create an extrude boss/base, extrude cut, fillet and shell features. Also learn how to modify your part.

Creating Assembly :

Create one more part that uses and extrude base, extrude cut, fillet and shell feature. The offset sketch tool shows how to utilize existing geometry. This new part and the part created in above tutorial are combined to create the assembly. This shows how to insert components, use Mate and modify display states.

Drawings Creation :

Creates a SolidWorks drawing. It covers using SolidWorks Drawing Template, modify Document Properties, set drawing standard. Insert views and dimensions. Insert assembly and a Bill of Materials.


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