How good is myigetit CATIA / SolidWorks / Nx Training?

Some of the obvious questions that may arise in any one's mind during review are:

1. Is it worth investing in's training courses?
2. How good is myigetit CATIA / SolidWorks Training?

Normally we consider two factors in any decision process, Cost & the Quality. As far as cost is concern it is very easy to compare it with other available options & can be concluded quickly. In fact there is no doubt about the cost, is the lowest among the available options.

Then the question remains that of quality. As far as quality is concerned, we will have to find some trustworthy sources. In this post I have tried to collect some of the available third party references that may be useful. These sources are as follows:

Recommendations for SolidWorks Training:
Jeff's Tool Shed
Shapeways Blog
SolidWorks Yahoo! Group
Boxer's SolidWorks Blog
SolidWorks 3D CAD products Forum at Eng-Tips
Documentation & Training SolidWorks Forum
SolidWorks API Forum
SolidWorks Workgroup PDM Forum
SolidWorks Educator/Students Forum

Recommendations for CATIA Training:
CATIA V5 Forum
COE CATIA V5 Discussion Forum
COE KBE Discussion Forum

Recommendations for UG Nx Training:
Eng-Tips Forum
Practical Machinist CAD/CAM Forum
CNCzone Unigraphics Forum

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