CATIA V6R2012 - What's New

  • Electrical Engineering & Wire Harness Design: Complex Connectors Flattening: Full support of complex connector assemblies in the flattening process of electrical wire harnesses.
  • Electronics & Printed Circuit Board Design (PCB): Collaborative ECAD MCAD Integration: With CATIA V6R2012, ECAD and MCAD designers can now better focus and concentrate on their PCB design. The collaboration workflow being optimized to reduce manual tasks and potential errors in the process.
  • Equipment & Systems Design - CATIA Piping & Tubing: Fluidic Preparation for Manufacturing: CATIA V6R2012 improves the detailed piping and tubing design and optimizes design preparation for manufacturing.
  • Mechanical Engineering & Design: Engraved 3D Texts: Make your words visible with an engraved or embossed packaging of your product, Plastic Part Process: Design plastic products and molds with productivity gains, CATIA Live Compose: CATIA Live Compose makes it possible to build innovative proposals quickly in a 3D brainstorming spirit.

  • Shape Surfacing - Industrial Design: Developed Shapes & Artwork on 3D: CATIA Industrial Design Refinement product includes techniques for design pattern and artwork on 3D.
  • Shape Surfacing - Industrial Design - CATIA Live Rendering: HDRI Content: CATIA Live Rendering delivers more content for interactive ray tracing
  • CATIA ICEM for Class A Surfacing - Automotive Concept to Class A: Surface Refinement: New Unified solution combining the precision & quality of ICEM and the Power of CATIA.

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