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AutoCAD Customization, CAD Customization & AutoCAD Training, Nashik

The courses offered by us are as follows:
Certificate course in AutoCAD
- For Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics Engineers
- For Architects, Interior Designers & Civil Engineers

Diploma in AutoCAD
- Advanced AutoCAD
- AutoCAD Customization using AutoLIP & VisualLISP
- DCL (Dialog Control Language)

Diploma in AutoCAD Customization (VB)
- Visual Basic

Diploma in AutoCAD Customization (ARX)
- C, C++ & VC++
- AutoCAD ObjectARX

Diploma in AutoCAD Customization (.Net)
- VB.Net / C#.Net
- AutoCAD.Net
Diploma in CAD Customization (SolidWorks)
- Visual Basic
- SolidWorks API

Diploma in CAD Customization (SolidEdge)
- Visual Basic
- SolidEdge API

Diploma in CAD Customization (Inventor)
- Visual Basic
- Inventor API

Our other services are:
- CAD/CAM/CAE software customization
- Design & drafting automation
- Automatic darwing generation
- Drawing generation from calculations
- Engineering software development
- Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE)

For further details you can visit following links:

Contact details:
CADDsoft Solutions
2nd Floor, Anant Chambers,Ashok Stambh, Nashik - 422001

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