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AutoCAD Customization : AutoLISP, VBA, ObjectARX | SolidWorks API | SolidWorks Customization | SolidEdge Customization | Autodesk Inventor Customizati

We, CADDsoft Solutions, working in the field of CAD customization, Devleopment & Training. Our details are given below.

Why you need our services?: 

You have implemented CAD software for greater control over design. Still you are looking for something, which will make working more smooth, efficient & accurate.
You are facing problems managing the engineering & design department and don’t know what can be done to make it more efficient, productive & innovative.
You are trapped between deadlines for current projects in hand & new project requirements.
Using CAD software for design purposes is the first step towards improvements. If you want to go way ahead in improving the efficiency, productivity & innovativeness, you will have to relive your engineers from day to day activities & give them time to concentrate on the innovation & product improvement. Our following services will help you in achieving above objectives.

Services offered: 

- CAD/CAM/CAE software customization
- Design & drafting automation
- Automatic darwing generation
- Drawing generation from calculations
- Engineering software development
- Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE)
Area of working: 

CAD Software : SolidWorks, AutoCAD,SolidEdge, Revit,TurboCAD, Microstation, Autodesk InventorCAD Customization : Customization of AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge, IronCAD, Microstation, TurboCAD & IntelliCAD
CAD Programming : AutoCAD VBA, AutoLISP & VisualLISP, DCL, DXF, DWF Toolkit, ObjectARX, SolidWorks API, SolidEdge VBA, Autodesk Inventor API, IronCAD API
Programming Languages: C, C++, VC++, C#, Visual Basic 6, VB.NET, VBA
Markup language: XML
Other programming: Adobe Acrobat, Msoffice, CorelDraw

Major AutoCAD & Solidworks customization projects executed 

1. Flyover retaining walls drawing & bill of material generation:
In this project 11 button toolbar is created to control the complete process of retaining wall drawing & bill of material generation. Based on the input chainages & levels, 'T' shaped panels are placed to construct the retaining wall. Facility is also provided to change the panel designs. Output is generated in the form of excel sheets containing the total bill of material required for the project and elevation drawing in AutoCAD format showing the panel placement.
Skills used: Above software developed using AutoCAD VBA & Excel VBA.
This software is used by the Maccaferri Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Navi Mumbai India. It is a subsidiary of Italian company.
2. Service Gate Drawing Automation Software:
Software developed for Water Dam service gate drawing automation. This software generates the service gate fabrication drawing in AutoCAD based on the input parameters. The service gate drawing was very complicated and they used to take almost 1 week to complete it manually using AutoCAD. Using this software it is now generated in 10 mins.
Skills used: Above software developed using AutoCAD VBA
This software is used by Centeral Design Organization (CDO), Dindori, Nashik, India.
3. Flywheel Drawing Automation Software:
Software developed for flywheel drawing automation. This software generates the flywheel manufacturing drawing in AutoCAD based on the input parameters. Skills used: Above software developed using AutoLISP This software is used by Kirlosker Oil Engines Ltd., Large Engines Division, Pune, India.
4. Road Survey Software:
Software developed for road cross-section & L section generation in AutOCAD using the field survey data, Cutting & filling area calculations, and Volume calculation Skills used: Above software developed using AutoCAD VBA These softwares are used by CADDLink, Nisarga Consultants and Akshaya Engineers from Nashik, India
5. SolidWorks customization
Utilities developed for solidWorks to perform following ;
- To change custom properties
- To change sheet metal radius & K-Factor
- To automatically generate spare parts catalogue for assembly
- To combine different pdf output files into single pdf file
Skills used: Above software developed using SolidWorks VBA This software is used by LEWCO Inc (Conveyor Division), Ohio, USA.
6. Gear manufacturing drawing auto generation software:
Software developed to generate the gear manufacturing drawing automatically using the input data.
Skills used : This software is developed using AutoLISP.
This software is used by Shri Krishna Gears Pvt. Ltd., Ambad, Nashik, India.

Major engineering software development projects executed 

1. Software for quality control & Production department
Softwares developed for following:- To process the monthly production plan. - To generation the material tests certificates.- To automate the furnace charging calculations.
Skills used : Above softwares developed using Visual Basic & Excel
This software is used by Perfect Circle Victor Ltd. (Casting Division), Nashik, India.

3D modelling using AutoCAD & SolidWorks: 

1. Piping layout design for DG set application :
We have designed the piping layout for the power house having DG set.
Skills used : Piping design & AutoCAD 3D
This project executed for M/s Toyo Dunky Power Systems (TDPS), Banglore, India.
2. 3D modelling of conveyor products using SolidWorks.
3D modelling of different conveyor products done for LEWCO Inc (Conveyor Division), Ohio, USA.The work included sheet metal component modelling, part modelling, & assembly modelling. Design table concept was used to generate the mutiple configurations of the parts and assemblies.

For further details you can visit following links:
CAD & CAD Customization - Online Training
Contact details:
CADDsoft Solutions
2nd floor, Anant Chambers, Ashok Stambh
Near Dhollya Ganpati, Nashik – 422002 India
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